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This Week’s Six Pillars Show – Super Sohrab!

00SK2011Super Sohrab This week we speak with curator and multi-disciplinary artist Sohrab Kashani.

Kashani has an international reputation as a curator and is always travelling, on top of that he runs a residency project in Iran. Sohrab is director and curator of Lost&Found in Tehran, and of Sazmanab.

Amongst his heroic daily duties, Kashani counts checking the internet, because in Iran, it’s no mean feat to get online.

01SK2011The Adventures of Super Sohrab Heroism and Patronage Summit

In this 3am Skype00SK2010Super Sohrab interview, originally over an hour long, we discuss the pains and pitfalls of working with Iranian art on a scene in which currently only pan-Arab identities bring in all the kudos. We touch on how young artists from Iran are being taken advantage of and how people living in the west are profiting from this. An insider chat, smelted in experience, bridged by the astounding tales of progress and persuasion that Sohrab has been forging against all odds, as an independent arts professional in a country squeezed from all insides, as well as from within.

Repeats Monday 16th September 8.30am