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This Week’s Radio Show – New Music from Iran IV

858607_613546625338231_630657261_o This episode in the New Music from Iran series is a selection by electronic producer Tegh.

Shahin Entezami, named Tegh after a sound – like the sound your speaker makes when it’s turned on or off – is from Tehran, Iran. At 22 he’s a musician who associates himself with Ambient/Drone/Experimental/IDM music.  Entezami started producing electronic music since 2010, leaving behind a 5 year experiment in Hip-Hop and moving into something more abstract and less emulative.
He also expanded into a couple of collaborations, performing as “Artirial” with Kamyar Tavakoli, as well as as “Elemaun” with Ali Panahi.
For this week’s show, this young talent decided to focus on introducing certain collaborations between Iranian electronic musicians. After all as we say, two heads are better then one.

We’ll hear from Zang, an electronic music duo working with one member in Tehran and one in London. Zang recorded an album in Autumn 2013 after a pause of two years working across the globe from one another. Zang mixes experimental music elements with more conventional popular electronic music, layered below a series of digitally manipulated lyrics in Persian.

Also in Tegh‘s selection is Bitodes from Tehran. They call themselves a ‘Techno’ duo, but really it’s something else, various kinds techno-derivative electronic music by two technical whizzes rather than any pumping rhythms that we might associate with the Techno clubbing scene. The duo consists of computer musician Hesam Ohadi (aka Idlef1270768_10151647183592253_276686010_oon) and Nima Pourkarimi (aka Umchunga – try saying that out loud, it’s a great name). Bitodes are currently working on their first live set (which may end up as an LP) aiming at various styles of Techno such as Dub Techno, Minimal and Noise.

As well as these, we’ll be hearing from Artirial, a project by Kamyar Tavakoli and Shahin Entezami (aka Tegh) also based in Tehran, Iran. Artirial started making music in 2011 and released their first album ” Artirial” for free download on Bandcamp in 2013. They’re currrently working on a second album, from which we sample a track on the show.

And finally… Eating Children is an electronic duo based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ramtin Niazi, the main creative force behind the duo, and Parsa Jamshidi met initially in their hometown Tehran, Iran and later crossed paths in Kuala Lumpur again where they decided to embark on a musical journey. The results of this collaboration stretches over a wide range of sounds and styles such as Progressive Rock, Maths Rock (!) and Minimal Techno. They release their electronic material under the delightful alias “Eating Children.”