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This Week’s Radio Show – Sounds Like Art / O Beloved Gibran!

School kids wonder at the Siah Armajani Reading Room

School kids wonder at Siah Armajani’s Alfred Whitehead Reading Room

This week the radio show features our monthly instalment from USA: artists Katayoun Vaziri and Brian Zegeer on the secret to poet Khalil Gibran’s enduring fame across Iran, the wider Arab world and the United States with O Beloved, Ostracised Gibran! This is just their 2nd episode on Six Pillars, this month’s guest is Suheil Bushrui, Director of University of Maryland’s Kahlil Gibran Research and Studies Project and author of The Essential Gibran.

We also hear the voices of pre-teen, newly initiated arts-radio reporters exploring the Parasol Unit Gallery, at the first ever UK show of veteran Iranian artist Siah Armajani. For Sounds Like Art the kids were using recorders for the first time, and try to describe in words the structures made by Armajani in recent years on display at this London gallery. Alfred Whitehead was a writer and thinker whose philosophies on education are highlighted by Armajani, and who predated many a great thinker on the value of a free education. Alfred North Whitehead (b.1861)  “Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilisation of knowledge.” A line from Whitehead’s introductory essay in the book Aims of Education (1929) encapsulates a central theme of his, that education cannot be separated from practice.

Gibran: I Came To Say A Word

My spirit is to me a companion who comforts me when the days grow heavy to me; who consoles me when the afflictions of life multiply. Who is not a companion to his spirit is an enemy to people. And he who seems not in in his self a friend dies despairing. For life springs from within a man and comes not from without him.


Listen live across London on 104.4FM or online, click the image (left) for the player.

Here’s a preview of the mini-reporters in action: