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Tonight’s Six Pillars Radio Show – Hoover Up The Sky

artworks-000034315095-lck1mf-cropThis week we sample music from Iran featuring clarinet and hoover. This is a reappropriated household object that is close to our heart. Duet for Clarinet & Vacuum by Soheil Peyghambari treats the concept of household objects as traditional drones surprisingly well in this piece; there is non of the flamboyant arbitrariness that contemporary classical composers seem to need to display today as they espouse theatricality with art, sometimes cancelling out the art altogether.

All the more interesting as it is juxtaposed as it is by our second track, which is another dignified track this time from the USA. And all because…it’s time for our monthly slot form USA! Artist team Katyayoun Vaziri and Brian Zeeger speak to guest gemologist and jewellery-designer Mona Saheli about the mystical stone Turquoise.


turquoise-716x1024Through various methods and some satire I Ran Into Iran explores the meaning the stone’s had for a culture who over many centuries has been working with this important cultural signifier for Persian and Southwestern Native American traditions. “A little piece of sky in your hand” say our US producers.




Check our PAST ARTICLE about how American Indians first started using Turquoise imported from then Persia to a small Outpost (pictured) in the USA.

All shows are Thursdays 19.30 GMT, repeated Mondays 08.30.