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Currently Listening To…Alex Ak, Iran

slomo1525295_242377152595765_1773340966_nHeavily involving with SlomoGang a bunch of hip hop and graffiti artists in Tehran, founder Alex Ak is himself a young producer with a good few releases under his belt.

Half Italian, half-Iranian Alex Ak produces and writes all his music himself , a good deal of which up till now has been hip hop yet spills over into other styles “depending on my mood” says Alex. Yet as much as we love lyrics and poetry, the really exciting tracks we’ve heard by Alex Ak are the more instrumental, abstract and downtempo ones that require more intense listening than your average spit backing track does. Not dissimilar to aspects of Trollstep, which we produced a podcast about in 2011, this music is sculpted and as post digital as his US and European counterparts. Take a listen, we’re waiting eagerly to see what else this producer’s going to come up with in sound, and his new work will feature in the forthcoming season of radio shows Six Pillars to Persia.