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Alphabet Acrobats

به افتخار روز جهانی گرافیکgraphic19368-640x361
“What’d it be like if the characters of the Persian script replaced the characters that perform in a circus?”

We’ll tell you what it would be like, it would be like Charlie Chaplin’s own moustache had run off to start a Charlie-Chaplin-Bowler-Hatcareer of his own, and he’d love that!
This 2D animation video marks the until-now-obscure-to-by-us World Graphic Day(only Iranians seems to spell it without the ‘s’) which was celebrated at the Melal Circus in Mashhad, Iran.
This dynamic chap duo ChapChinStudio are a real team, and produce videos about the health benefits of cycling in Persian, amongst other things. Davood Morgan & Farid Yahaghi love subverting branding too, and produced this rather toxic but totally eye-catching image using the evil conglomerate that is CocaCola, harking back to the very red they put all over Europe’s traditional green man (thus creating Scokeanta Claus as we know him) to create a modern kind of consumerist devil, who wants you to drink his wares. The poster was in fact for a group painting exhibition called “Coca Mashadi” in the Arte gallery, Tehran.

So back to the graphic circus – music in this video is the classic “Entry of the Gladiators” and apparently Aghil Hosseinian & Bahareh Khabbaz had something to do with it.

What will the ChapChinStudio come up with next?