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This Week’s Six Pillars Show – MENA Trollstep

AlexAK - Design for Clowns

AlexAK – Design for Clowns

Tonight we hear what sounds very much like Trollstep from Iran, a genre of music that was covered when it was still new in our sister radio show Free Lab Radio.

Trollstep is the product of very young producers from USA who explore music online and spend their days trolling on internet forums. Musically they create spacious, slowed music which has its roots in dubstep and computer game music.
So tonight from Iran we have a trio of internet-savvy producers from the MENA region: Tehran-based Alex AK and MonoKuff alongside DJ Pretentious from Cairo, Egypt.
See our interview with AlexAk below.

MonoKuff (Kayson Fakhar) was born in Tehran, Iran. He plays  the organ, tombak (an Iranian goblet drum instrument) and the daf and started a  band “VA” in 2009 . MonoKuff started producing Dubstep and Brostep in 2012 and currently is studying psychology in Iran, working on the effects of the effects music has on excitement specially anxiety.

pretentiousavatars-000016853536-wjm4sh-t500x500DJ Pretentious is Mohammad Zair from Cairo, Egypt. He makes music for video games for a living, and experiments with music production. We hear his Get Lucky remix tonight on Oud and will be publishing an interview with him in the comming week.



Interview Alex AK

 AlexAK is a founder of SlomoGang, a 20 year old Iranian music producer and Hip-Hop artist. 
Where are you form and how old are you?
                                               I am half Italian and half Persian, Iam 20 years old and live in Tehran.

How did you get into music?

                                                   My father was a musician, I grew up in his recording studio and listening to underground disco and started making my own music when I was just 9 years old!
Would you call yourself primarily a rapper?
                                                   Not really, I love music and depending on my mood I producee different styles of music (electronic,hip hop, R&B…)
How else do you express yourself?
                                                  Aside from making music I love creating paintings and drawings.
What are the lyrics about generally?
                                                 Generally I’m talking about my feelings and what I’m experiencing at the time.
What software hardware do you use?
                                                 I use Reason 5 for making my beats,and Sonar x1 for the vocals, I have an Mbox 3g (soundcard), SE microphone, Akai Mpk mini , and a lot of other stuff 😀
What do you listen to aside from hip hop?
                                                It varies: chill out, opera! Plus electronic music, house music…
What is the single best piece of music you have ever heard?
                                                Well it’s hard to tell, I hear a lot of music everyday. I like it when people bring new styles and ideas in the mix.