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This Week’s Six Pillars Show – Ardeshir Mohasses at Art Dubai

ardeshir-mohassess4“I AM ONLY A REPORTER” featured in Art Dubai’s Modern Section this year, a solo show of works by satirical illustrator Ardeshir Mohasses (1938-2008).

With pen, pencil and marker Mohasses was a diligent illustrator, drawing at every opportunity as he frequented the New York art scene until his death. Often in trouble with the secret police before the revolution, Mohasses creates images that shout from the page, hiding a very real sting behind their imagined absurdities.

The show was supported by the Ardeshir Mohasses Trust, New York who donate all profits to artists facing financially or physically hard times.

Today we speak to Shirin Partovi, the Iran-New York gallerist, and show curators Ava Ansari and Molly Kleiman, editor of Triple Canopy Magazine.

“Is it the incongruity that motivates us to laugh at these drawings: We observe the cavalry, wambling and sweating, fat women filled up to their rattles, who have gained weight out of anaesthesia; men who show 2014ArtDubai_Ardeshir-Mohasses Ardeshir-Mohasses-1_thumbdoing activities that reveal our ostentatious institutions. By making us laugh, we do therefore discover the ominous and poisonous truth.”  Poet Ahmad Shamlou, Kayhan May 1st 1967

“For me he was a symbol of the uncompromising intellectual who really believes in what he us doing. He was persistent in his life that was the most inspiring thing. All of us looked upon Ardeshir as part of our national heritage.” Behrooz Moazami, professor Loyola University New Orleans, USA.

The Modern Section was a new gallery programme devoted to Middle Eastern and South Asian modern art of the last (twentieth) century. The Modern programme presented solo or two-person show by highly influential artists, including Rasheed Araeen (Grosvenor Gallery, London), Nasser Al Yousif and Rashid Al Khalifa (Albareh Art Gallery, Manama), Michel Basbous (Agial Art Gallery, Beirut), Hamed Abdalla and Adam Henein (Karim Francis, Cairo), M.F. Husain and Syed Sadequain (Aicon Gallery, New York/London), Ardeshir Mohasses (Shirin Gallery, Tehran/New York), Nabil Nahas (Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai), and more.

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