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This Week’s Six Pillars Radio Show – Eagle? Freedom!


Image – Brian Zegeer

The Eagle Speaks & Freedom Has No Script

This month the I Ran Into Iran team, speak with Brooklyn-based, Iranian artist Fabian Tabibian. This episode artists Brian Zegeer and Katayoun Vaziri talk around a single image of an eagle with Tabibian.

We also hear excerpts of artist’s talks at Iniva, a not-for-profit space in London, as given by Turkish artist Burak Delier for his solo show of pointedly anti-capitalist work Freedom has no Script.

“Without wit and a certain sense of humour not only is art boring but life becomes insupportable. I think humour is the main weapon of struggle against power and capitalism. It may not help us win, but it can save our souls… and this is already an accomplishment.” Delier


Crisis and Control, film still by Burak Delier

Crisis and Control features real white-collar workers who practice yoga as a way of dealing with career stress. Conflicting the sterile, monochrome angularity of the workplace with the sinewy, impossible poses of yoga, Delier calls to mind work of Swiss artist Marianne Flotron with the Theatre of the Oppressed inside a Dutch insurance company. Theatre of the Oppressed was initially created by Brazilian theatre practitioner Agusto Boal in the 1960s in order to expose the workings of totalitarian political regimes in Latin-America to subjugate their public. Between theatre techniques employed by Flotron and the yoga techniques employed by Delier, there is a self-affirming awareness in the movement and motion of the workshops.


The Deal  – film still by Burak Delier 2014

Participants discuss the conflicts between their work and private lives – all the while adopting strenuous yoga positions, still dressed in their formal work attire. The resulting interviews resemble a counselling session for the neo-liberal economy. Songs of the Possessed also centres on office workers, playing with notions of how people express their emotions in the workplace.

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