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Alinah Azadeh – Burning the Books

Ella Eyre in concert - Birmingham

Azadeh overseeing the burning

Ella Eyre in concert - Birmingham

Close-up of the burning

After we interviewed Alinah about her book installation at the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall “The Bibliomancer’s Dream” 2010 (below), we’ve been watching her career and even curated some her sculptures for our London show New Players, New Roles in 2013. We also took a digital image of on of those sculptures Listen to Art Dubai 2014 for our arts-radio logo.  Azadeh’s had some amazing major shows, always eliciting contributions from the general public that amaze, and now is touring with her socio-political project Burning the Books, where debts are written down in a book, and then burnt.

‘Taking part in Burning the Books was a profound experience that merged the private and societal, the personal and the social, in a powerful, thought provoking and beautiful work’ Contributor, 2013

What do you think about when you think about debt? Is there something you owe, or are owed, that you would like to see an end to? A sum of money, an action left undone or a word left unsaid? Or a debt owed by a third party that needs to be called to account? The Book is coming to a street or venue near you. The Book will be recited. And then The Book must be burned. The Book of Debts, Brighton and Hove is now  at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton until 6.30pm May 22nd, when it will be recited and burned. Read and add your own to The Book of Debts here.