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Currently Watching…Pooya Abbasian

tumblr_mu1uf1MmgO1ri0rquo1_r2_1280…artist and director Pooya Abbasian’s animated music video for ABBY. Produced by Fritzi Nicolaus & Reza Dolatabadi, and edited by Faraz Abbasi, this is an Iran-heavy team based in France, while the band of four musicians are from Germany. Although the video was made public in 2013, the band have kept it on the front page of their website, having recently released a new album Friends and Enemies. Abbasi and Abbasian worked together before, for example with Farshid Monfared on a video for a track by BirdPen, check it out the lyrics are worthwhile alone:

“Where I live is fallen down, the preachers drunk and long gone, we are trapped in a box, am I the only one trying to figure a way to find a way out?”

If the style of the video looks familiar you may recall having seen the poster for Jafar Panahi & Kamboziya Partovi’s new film “CLOSED CURTAIN”, which won the Silver Bear for Script at the BERLINALE Film Festival in 2013. As an artist, Abbasian has shown extensively in both Iran and France, mostly videos and still images, some of which are his posters which we think are likely to become collectible items.