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The Internet, the Voice, the Gulf – Sharjah Art Foundation on This Week’s Six Pillars Radio Show

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Fabienne Adeoud performing avant garde vocals at the opening for /seconds

Curator Peter Lewis at the opening of the group show /seconds. in the Sharjah Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates. Lewis speaks about curating his web portal/ magazine for art and the process of installing the three dimensional works, ‘offline’. Plus on the same night we hear from French artist Fabienne Adeoud directly after her live performance on her first visit to the Middle East, and Kuwaiti designer/ artist Nanu Al Hamad comments on the opening of an installation by the GCC, a self-styled Gulf collective of which he is part, at the Sharjah Art Foundation.

Last we heard from Peter Lewis was at the Redux Gallery space in London 2008: We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us.

Local Art Lovers in Sharjah

Local Art Lovers in Sharjah

At that show a bedroom space was adjunct to the main space, where, at the time, still rather emerging artists Babak Ghazi and Shezad Dawood (Shezad had also curated the show) were showing works. For the opening of the exhibition, which dealt with themes of global extremism and media fear mongering by alluding to Taliban Chic and other Western stereotypes of the Gulf, Iranian artist Reza Aramesh created a performance piece, where Middle Eastern-looking men in suits and bare feet served the drinks from low pedestals.

How far things had come, yet remained the same. Being such a good interlocuter and speaker, Peter began the interview with no question from myself, Shezad Dawood again featured heavily in this show also and so perhaps only the technology of my recording equipment had changed. However now an artillery of great art was spread over the walls and the floor, all stemming from the web platform /seconds curated by Lewis and a panel of other artists, writer and curators.

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Adeoud’s 2nd performance involved a costume change

Also opening this week is the GCC’s Achievements in Retrospective, taking from their recent MoMA show, by presenting existing work recontextualised and extending ideas from the MoMa show into new works responding to the site of the Sharjah Art Foundation.

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