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Headpieces For Peace – Jessica Mitrani


Jessica Mitrani, a Colombian-born, New York-based artist creates her inquisitive, almost confrontational works using performance, sculpture, film, and video art. We highlight one of her works here below, drawn by her kooky and visually intriguing manner, alongside the image quality of the film, contrast of colours, the creativity of the costumes and above all, her array of imagined and projected characters; stereotypes that have taken on a life of their own. In all, a disarming piece of work.

Typically Mitrani’s pieces involve a narrative, humour and an interest in themes of introspection and analysis, as she investigates the social and aesthetic construction of femininity vis a vis their effects on accepted, or projected identities.

Mitrani’s work has been exhibited afar afield as Paris, Bogotá, Rome, New York. Her films also function in film festivals as opposed to video works in the gallery space, and they have featured at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival in Germany, and Hors Pistes Festival at Centre Pompidou, Paris amongst others.


The below film by Mitrani, made in collaboration with the designers Three as Four, won the Grand Prix at the ASVOFF5 Festival in 2012, at Centre Pompidou and 02_mitrani-fiafwas then reimagined as installation in FIAF’s Gallery in winter of 2014.

In 2012 the film was selected for the ASVOFF FESTIVAL at the George Pompidou Center Paris, France and awarded the MK2 Cinema Grand Prix.

The following year it was shown for 2 weeks at the MK2 cinemas in France. What is the film?“It is a project of a non-hierarchical, nomadic organisation on a tandem bicycle that seeks to initiate free political action from all unitary and totalizing paranoia AND PROMOTE PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.”

maxresdefaultThe organization consists of 11 interchangeable and fluctuating members who believe that collective expressions of desire are possible even within disparate communities and between socially and politically juxtaposed identities.

Headpieces for Peace also featured at the exhibition  “Insalaam Inshalom” at the Beit Ha’ir Museum for urban culture in Tel- Aviv, Israel.