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Khak Gallery, Dubai – Sculptor Hamed Rashtian

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713 Rashtian was born in Tehran, 1984 and studied pure mathematics at Shahid Beheshti University in 2002 later going on to study sculpture, attending the iconic artist Parviz Tanavoli’s classes on bronze sculpture, and picking up techniques and insight from Tanavoli, whose work spans nearly 5 decades.

Rashtian has shown in UK, Iran, USA and Berlin, Germany as well as the United Arab Emirates.

He explained to us at his Dubai opening: “I was having talks with a therapist, and realised that the lion for me is a hugely important symbol. In Persian the word for tap and lion are the same, because the Persian travellers first saw a tap  as a fountain, in the shape of a lion’s mouth and so they associated the two.

714When we asked him about the weighted pendulum, hanging from the stomach of the lion, he replied “I wanted to show that anger, depicted here by the rider and his lion, are actually immobile, they cannot advance.

This new gallery, Khak (a meaningful word for ‘soil or earth‘ in Persian) has expanded from its one branch in Iran (founded 2002) to a second here in Al Quoz the industrial/arts district of Dubai. The grey interiors of the space which is nestled in Al Quoz’s well-known Courtyard, and the matter of fact and rather generous presentation of Rashtian’s near-monumental statues were perfectly in tune. Watch Hamed in the below video expand on process and meaning within his practice (Persian).