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pari zanganeh reverseniqabPari Zanganeh (b. 1939, Kashan, Iran ) an Iranian opera (soprano) and folklore singer. She was taught by Evelyn (Samin) Baghcheban​ (a Turkish opera singer and one of the pioneers of opera and choral music in Iran).

Pari lost her eyesight during a car accident in 1972 and continued to perform live on television. She also released “Beyond Darkness” he memoirs in 2010.

“The most powerful personal motivation for writing my memoirs in this book following my blindness is to acquaint Iranians with the world of the blind and their problems.”

While many NGOs work for the blind in Iran and there is some education, urbanisation has made life harder for them, she commented at the launch of the book.  Before this Pari went to Japan to study the art of floral arrangement at the Ohara Ikebana School of Japan  and has since taught this to Iranians in Iran, a pastime for which must use scent and touch. She also wrote for children on the subject of being blind, and more than 300 song lyrics.