Six Pillars Broadcast This Week: Art Dubai – Sharjah Biennial


10914510_339511792926827_1581607_n 03_tiravanijaAudio from Art Dubai 2015, one of the daily performances of Variations for Rooms and a Tone an Art Dubai Commission by Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver. A singer moves through the fair, slowly progressing as she is pushed on a hotel trolley. Approaching the site of an imagined archeology, she sings to an unsuspecting crowd. The sound installation that awaits both her and the untrained singers pushing her there, is an architectural piece surrounding an archeological ‘find’. The text, at first ornate and written around a fictional letter to the archeologist Beatrice de Cardi, becomes increasingly tonal until at the stairs, the three voices, trained and untrained, as they respond to the live, rolling tones of the space as defined by sound.

At a remote site of the Sharjah Biennial 2015, the pigeons and flies create the soundtrack to a site specific installation by Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas. The artists responded to an abandoned ice factory with a team of sculptors and workers to create impressive columns of imagined strata, replete with bones, rope, growing and decaying matter. Meanwhile a group of animators and performers respond to the Ririkrit Tirivanija installation at the biennial main site, where Man Ray’s alter ego Rrose Sélavy, is evoked with a rose distillery, poetry on walls and roses growing in the courtyard which is laid out with stones in a design reminiscent of the geometries found on Persian carpets.

Broadcasts Tuesday 21st April 9pm GMT, repeats Thursday 4pm on 104.4FM across London on air, and online