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This Week’s Six Pillars – Nu Turkish Disco vs World Grooves

Turkish Nu Discos vs Anatolian World Grooves

Turkish Nu Discos vs Anatolian World Grooves

A selection of Turkish composer Djanan Tunan’s new release The Maze, coinciding with Baba Zula‘s London show on Nov 22nd. The ‘Istanbul Psychedelia’ of Baba Zula draws from the long tradition of Anatolian rock with disco influences since the 1970s.

We’ve played Djanan before on Six Pillars, after seeing her live on a stage on the Southbank, her work have progressed from Turkish ‘world music’ (see the example below) to Middle Eastern classic disco and more recently to swing and jazz influences in her album The Maze. The prolific Baba Zula formed in Istanbul in 1996, they use anything from spoons to machines to toys, and will perform at EPIC in Dalston.

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