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This Week’s Six Pillars – Auction Special II

resonate roughtradeThis week we sample tracks from performers at the Resonate Festival, Belgrade, music of the Congo for Nostalgie Ya Mboko, releases by Rough Trade Records for Counter Culture Radio and one track by The White Buffalo, whose signed CD is amongst items from the above shows in our 104.4fm Valentine’s fundraiser.

Two full tickets (to live music events series + daily conference) at Resonate 2016 festival, Belgrade

Held each year in Belgrade, Serbia, Resonate is an amazing five day festival of contemporary music, visual arts and digital culture. Guest artists, lecturers and other participants come together to represent the cutting edge of the world’s creative industries. Confirmed Resonate Live 2016 Participants include Squarepusher, Omar Souleyman, Hans Joachim Roedelius, Rashad Becker and many more. Confirmed Resonate Conference 2016 participants include Alex Evans (Media Molecule), Atau Tanaka, Phoenix Perry, Rebecca Fiebrink, Artists & Engineers, Bethany Koby (Technology Will Save Us), Domestic Data Streamers, Playmodes, Sophi Kravitz, and dozens more. Bid for the tickets here on ebay.

Courtesy of the award-winning Rough Trade Shops’ Counter Culture Radio, a bundle comprising eight items: (a) a special limited edition exclusive Rough Trade DJ F21 Nightclub FREITAG DJ bag (retails at £190); (b) Various – Rough Trade Shops – Recorded At The Automat: The Best of Rough Trade Records 2LP + 3CD; © Various – Rough Trade Shops Counter Culture 14 2CD; (d) Various – Rough Trade Shops Counter Culture 15 2CD; (e) Rough Trade Bag For Life – Long Handles – Black; (f) Rough Trade – Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook – Medium Notebook – Plain; (g) Rough Trade and Crispin Finn – Rough Trade 40th Anniversary Calendar 2016; (h) Rough Trade Ear Peace HD High Fidelity Hearing Protection. Bundle worth c. £250. Bid for this bundle via our charity ebay account here.

And although nothing about this man is brief, he will try to condense centuries of musical history into one experience:

A Brief History of Congolese Music with Nostalgie Ya Mboka’s Vincent

Join Vincent of Resonance’s Nostalgie Ya Mboka for an in-depth informal history of Congolese music. Your gracious and loquacious host will trace for you the genesis of Congolese pop from the 1950s through to the current day, taking into account the interaction of the music with the colonial and post colonial leaderships; and explore how popular music acts as a mirror of Congolese society. A one-to-one discussion at the London location of your choice – plus a unique CD of rare recordings from the Nostalgie Ya Mboka archive that reflects this incredibly rich history. Bid on our charity ebay account here.

Last week we focussed on long term collaborator Hassan K, who has kindly donated a limited edition white vinyl to the cause!

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