Six Pillars Broadcast – Female Perspectives, Tehran

sissifmThis week we hand over to Sissi FM a group of women from Berlin, Germany who broadcast on RebootFM. They travelled to Iran to record at the Limited Access Festival in Tehran.

Female Perspectives gives voice to Iranian women and streams live discussions in general on life in the city, leaving and returning, art as propagated by the West featuring the hejab (headscarf) and new collectives in Tehran.

With Maede Jenab, Soheil Soheili, Tannaz Daneshmand, Amirali Gashemi, Moravid, Raha Faridi, Golrokh Nafisi, Friederike Berat, Claire Terrien, Anne Harnischmacher
with Music and Sound by Shou Shaun, Soheil Soheili, Nesa Azadikhah, Sahar Aziza, Leonnie Roesler

This radishow was developed in the Urban Live Radio Workshop at the New Media Society, Tehran by Sissi FM & guests.

Broadcast / streaming timings:

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Wednesdays 9–9:30pm BST
Repeats Fridays 3.30pm BST
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