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Six Pillars Broadcast – Institutional Art Galleries in the Emirates


Phantom Limb Steel, polymer gypsum, fibreglass, foam, wood, plaster, metal mesh, aluminium foil, pigment, 2014


Maya Allison and Bana Kattan

This week: one of four of our guest-produced episodes from the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

Episode 2: How institutions housing galleries navigate public, private and education programming. 

With New York University, Abu Dhabi art gallery director and curator Maya Allison and assistant curator Bana Kattan. The current show at NYUAD Art Gallery is by artists Diana al-Hadid Phantom Limb (pictured).

Diana Al-Hadid’s works transforms Renaissance and classical imagery into contemporary sculptural forms that appear to be decaying or resurfacing, often in a cascade of white, melting gypsum. Her towering sculptures, spectral wall pieces, and surreal bronzes will fill the 7,000 square foot gallery.          Exhibition Notes

Read a write up about the show at FACT here or with Gulf News here.

diana hadid

Produced by Wael Hattar and Hind Mezaina, UAE.

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