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Six Pillars Broadcast- “The past as propaganda: Mongol ‘World History’”.


Samson destroying the temple of the Philistines

Wednesday Jan 18th 9pm, repeats Friday 20th January 3.30-4pm

The first of a 2 part series from the British Academy “The past as propaganda: The Mongol ‘World History’.

Professor Robert Hillenbrand FBA FRSE, discusses the fragmentary copy of Rashid al-Din’s World History held in the University of Edinburgh’s Library. An extreme rarity, huge in size, it contains fantastical and lavish illustrations dating from 1314.  Perhaps the world’s most valuable illustrated Islamic manuscript, this lecture explores its art-historical significance, its multiracial and multi-confessional flavour, with Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and shamanistic elements that aptly reflect the largest continuous land empire in world history that was the Mongols.

Featuring Biblical figures, the Prophet Muhammad and the mythical past of Greece, Arabia and Iran, the manuscript breaks new ground, while its propagandist intent is expressed in courtly and battle scenes galore.



Battle scene from al-Din’s manuscript

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