Six Pillars Podcast: Documenta14 Athens, Part I and II


Six Pillars Wednesday April 26th/ Wednesday May 3rd
Documenta14 Athens Part I and II

It’s time for the Orthodox Easter ceremonies in Greece, yet issues of economy, mass migration and identity filter through the streets and occasionally subsume them.
Meanwhile Documenta14 from within the frame of the art industry, seeks to address these pressing issues that we either face, or hide from today, documenting how art has conveyed the brutalism, the poetry and the madness of human reality in the past.


Graffiti: the Communist Manifesto, the bible and quotes. Paul Makowksy, Athens. Photo Fari Bradley


Ιωάννης Παπαδάκης – Cannibal Radio
Nikos Tsouchlos – Chairman Odeon Athenon (conservatoire)
Sámi artist Joar Nango – Documenta14

Eva, Konstantina, Vicki –  Psychology and Architecture students at Athens and Crete University
Barbara – taxi driver
Anna – Artemis worshipper

Vicky – Benaki Museum invigilator Documenta14

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