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The call out for the below is now closed. The project continues however until May, we are currently collating audio accounts about 1970s Iran.


Do you have any developed or undeveloped home movies from 1970s UK and/or Iran sitting around at home?

My name is Fari Bradley. I am an Iranian broadcaster based in London and since 2005 I’ve been running a voluntary project based around an English-language radio show called Six Pillars to Persia. I left Iran at the end of the 70s. My family has no home movies from Iran and I am looking to create a film installation based on film footage from UK and Iran during that period in order to highlight the design and pathos of the 70s in both countries before life as it was then disappeared for ever. I am undertaking an Embedded residency at no.w.here which is an artist run project space from October to March 2013. Embedded is funded through the Esmée Fairburn Foundation and is a joint project run by no.w.here and Sound and Music. My project is to rework a selection of home movies at no.where’s well-stocked film processing lab in London, to create a collage of films and audio recollections from UK and Iran from 69-80.

The film installation will be a cine film collage of 70s footage from UK and Iran, looping on a projector along with audio recollections from people about the UK and Iran during the period. Those listening will not know if they are hearing recollections from Iran or UK, which is part of the appeal of the concept. The installation will draw parallels between both countries in the 70s, looking at design and sound from the era before international relations combusted, splitting them apart due to oil feuds and a clash in ideologies between UK and Iran. The installation will have a specially composed audio soundtrack to go with the audio recollections as part of the no.w.here residency.

Selected films will be professionally handled, and in return for the use of precious home movie I would like to offer to digitise the film for you free of charge, returning the original film to you along with a copy of it on DVD, sent by recorded delivery.

Participants can be credited if they wish, or remain anonymous. The content of the your film is irrelevant – it only need be shot in, or close to the 70s (e.g. 1969-1980), in either Iran or UK on cine film. However if you have many films and want to choose one, please pick one that you feel best represents the 1970s in terms of design. I will select films based on the information you fill in at the end of this form.

This is a non-commercial and personal project, therefore I cannot offer any money in return for the use of your films, but will guarantee safe and respectful handling the return of your cine film within two weeks of submission. The end installation will be viewed by the public in a gallery setting. Your footage will not be used in any other way or manipulated to portray any political meaning. We can also send you a link to the soundtrack if you wish and will invite you the opening of the finished installation.

Film submissions may be in any format: Super 8, Standard 8, 16mm, 9.5mm.

Please help us highlight this topical subject by submitting your film via the form below to:

Fari Bradley
Fari @ resonancefm . com

For more information please visit:



If you’re concerned about your own corroded/damaged film, or the long term preservation of your films, we can also help you with advice.


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